all the peacemakers and visionaries in our country and the world, promoting justice, environmental harmony, and intellectual honesty, now more than ever
mobile update;  , 2018 - united states of america
thank you to all the people speaking and standing up for positive change, for what is right - the very reason why our nation has survived for over two hundred years
and the caring people, young and old,
standing united & peaceful, together helping eachother & their neighbors, all across our nation, in every town, and every community, is every state, to make sure all are registered to vote,
together in massive numbers, -
a true and truthful national political party evolves and respects the progress and social justice that was fought for all, and with the people, continues the ongoing work to identify and address important issues.
a true and truthful national political party also acts in good faith to promote and implement policies that improves national health, care of the climate, the environment, children, families and healthcare,
the political party that controls the white house, the u.s. house and the u.s. senate, is not even allowing debate for all voices or facts to be heard on issues that affects health and our society, including what is happening to the climate, the environment, lakes, oceans, rivers, healthcare, disease, gun violence, sickness, cancer and leukemia, families, children, war and human rights
and in the year 2018, after all our country has been through, a true and truthful political party would strengthen the voting rights act
together in massive numbers, -
a just, civil and healthy society and future,
protect the elections, the right to vote and the votes to be counted,
young people, families and future,
what our nation's patriots, veterans, elders, women, families, what generations fought for
thank you all what you have done, with true spirit for our country & world, for decades, the important work & progress, education, safe sustainable renewable energy, healthy communities, dignity, human rights, trust, wisdom, care of the environment, children & grandchildren, nutritious food, honor, understanding, respect, nature, care of climate, the earth, peace & non-violence, now
2018 farm bill & update: due to the unnecessary trade war, american farmers lost more than 13 billion last month alone, due to trade disruptions

and remembering all those before us
 who did what was right, every generation
our Nation's Patriots, Veterans, Citizens, Prosecutors, Lawyers, Senators, Representatives, Advocates for Ethics,
Civil Rights and Voting Rights,
even long time republican families, veterans, advocates for human rights, families, health, women's rights, healthcare, social security, medicare, civil and voting rights
and environmental advocates that have worked to care for people and communities, - see what is happening to our country, and continue to abandon and stand up to this destructive administration and political party
these are not the actions of honest men
loyal to our country and people,
the united states of america
lying to the american people, dividing the american people, electoral interference, hacking, computer crimes, identity theft, obstruction of justice, obstruction of oversight, representative and executive fraud, corrupt political campaign activities and practices, voter suppression, illegal gerrymandering, voter roll purging, caging, dark campaign money, wire fraud, theft, espionage, extortion, witness tampering, perjury, money laundering, conspiracy, wiping of climate data, traumatizing children and families, tearing apart consumer protection, ripping apart the rule of law, repeal of healthcare for women children and families with no replacement, crumbling infrastructure, irresponsible tax cuts, undermining the united states constitution, our institutions designed to protect our country, rights, health, voting, safety, protection of the environment, aquifers, lakes, rivers, oceans, wildlife, land, air, food and water
together young and old, every generation

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice
unity and progress
 and our nations' patriots, veterans, elders, young people, reporters and journalists of integrity informing the public
 the united states of america
  citizens, county election integrity officials, veterans, gold star families, patriots loyal to the united states that serve to protect our nation, have sounded the warnings,
 and what has happened to our country
election interference, conspiracy, hacking, illegal gerrymandering, voter roll purging, voter suppression, caging, representative and executive fraud, campaign money laundering, bribery, the rigging of elections seen in 2016 will be confronted
the united states is now witnessing not only dangerous failed national leadership, but the policies of corrupted politicians and a small number of corrupt wealthy donors, all who believe they are above the law, who control and have taken over a national political party and state'(s) political party
leaders and members of their political party and administration under investigation, are now obstructing justice, oversight, undermining the united states constitution, our institutions designed to protect our country, rights, healthcare, voting, safety, protection of the environment, health, aquifers, lakes, rivers, oceans, wildlife, land, air, food and water
a representative political system, requires an honest free press, journalists and reporters of integrity
to ensure that all voices are heard
patriots, gold star families, veterans, public and health advocates, that inform and serve the public stand together to protect all people our nation with elected senators and representatives
intelligence officials, economists, people of all faiths, advocates for human rights & nonviolence, veterans, patriots protecting the constitution, health and the environment - and former first ladies
- have all sounded the warnings
 good people must be elected in every state house, governorships, and the u.s. congress, both the u.s. senate majority leader and the u.s. speaker of the house; the people's house, requires a person of honor that represents the people and families of our great nation
stand with young people their education, their health and future, and those strengthening and protecting social security, medicare, medicaid and health programs
a true representative of the people works to advance the basic ideals of our great nation; the public good. a true political party of the people, promotes and passes these ideals to the next generation, the young people. a true leader of a political party unites, advances, promotes the public good, respects these ideals, our country, our constitution
 a united informed public
january 2018
stand together & peaceful, together help eachother & your neighbors, every town, every community, is every state, and to make sure all are registered to vote. all across our nation, together good people stand with you,
thank you to the caring elders of our great nation standing with the young people,
and those of over 80 years old, that have seen the actions of many u.s. congress's, presidents and administrations,
caring elders of our country, in 2018 together show the young people how to care for our great nation; our government, constitution, bill of rights and people,
how to be a good example in the world,
 and how to stand up to liars and their policies: the stealing from education, health from women, families and the young, food from children, the accelerated polluting of our nation, destroying of the environment and public lands, it is unacceptable to harm our country for power and wealth, irresponsible tax cuts, net neutrality, privatizing, the stealing from the american people and future generations.
 caring elders of our country,
together show the young people,
how in every election, corrupt funded politicians and donors that damage our government, - will be voted out and banned from public office, - and shamed, including the gathering of fake leaders, profiting politicians and gun funded spokespeople, - all who are under investigation, even their longtime members are leaving the group and political party
caring elders thank you for standing with the young people
The United States of America
 thank you all the citizens, veterans, statesmen & women, patriots, families of honor, all who are working for justice, peace and non-violence, equality, protecting our elections, the people's right to vote and to be counted
 We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice