thank you everyone, with true spirit helping our country & world, for decades. special thanks david, stephen, graham, neil, and everyone, the important work & progress, education, safe renewable energy, health, nutritious food, care of the environment, nature, climate, the earth, peace & non-violence
young people, women,
MARCH 24, 2018
citizens, veterans, patriots loyal to the united states that serve to protect our nation, have sounded the warnings
We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice
a true representative of the people works to advance and preserve the ideals of our great nation; the public good. a true political party of the people, promotes and passes these ideals to the next generation, the young people. a true leader of a political party respects these ideals, our country, our constitution
 this administration, cabinet members and representatives of their political party have shown disrespect to our constitution, the rule of law, the health of people, our communities
and their policies, legislation and budget, are endangering security, institutions, anti-poverty programs, environmental health, women, children and families
who is representing people, who is protecting young people and their future, who is strengthening and protecting social security, medicare, medicaid and health programs, who is undermining our government institutions designed to protect safety, rights, health, protection of the environment, oceans, rivers, food, land, air, and water
let the votes be counted 2018
this president, vice president, cabinet members, speaker of the house, members of their political party in congress, governors and state legislatures are not above the law, or investigations.
State & federal courts have already ruled against 2016 illegal election gerrymandering, purges, vote suppression - WI, PA, NC, TX, FL, AL & VA,
 thank you all the citizens, veterans, statesmen & women, patriots, families of honor, all who are working for justice, peace and non-violence, equality, and protecting our elections, the people's right to vote and to be counted
All across our nation, the american people 
stand together, young and old,
every state of our great nation.
The United States of America 
 Voting Rights - Honest Representation
Civil Rights - A Just Society
Equal Rights - Justice
good people must be elected in every state house, governorships, and the u.s. congress, both the u.s. senate majority leader and the u.s. speaker of the house; the people's house, must be replaced with a person of honor that actually represents the people of our great nation,
  the founders of the united states built into the constitution, a way to deal with fraud and abuse,
The leader of a political party, the president of the united states, and the vice president, cabinet positions, appointees, and the united states congress, and the judicial branch - are all under oath. The united states constitution requires each branch of government be held accountable.
 each member, 
in every branch of government, 
is under oath 
the political party in power, 
that is under oath and under investigation, 
is now undermining our constitution, 
attacking our institutions, system of justice, 
and our nation's newspapers, the free press
 the political party in power, that is under oath and under investigation, is now deliberately creating national budget crisis and states fiscal crisis, endangering children and families across the country, while destroying our government institutions designed to protect rights, health of people, food, safety, protection of the environment, seas, land, air, and water,
 the political party in power, that is under oath and under investigation, also includes every donor who contributed to their campaign, anyone they colluded or conspired with, foreign, or domestic, including any political group, in any state or county within the united states
the political party in power, that is under oath and under investigation, also seized power in 2016 by means of gerrymandering voter suppression, voter roll purges and voter caging in targeted states, and representatives of their political party at the local, state and federal level, who participated in electoral fraud, are now also under investigation, including their donors and supporting organizations,
the political party in power, that is under oath and under investigation; is now also under investigation for voting to transfer billions of dollars of the united states treasury, to benefit a small group, the same small group who funded and solely continues to fund their campaigns.
 the political party in power, that is under oath and under investigation, includes it's appointed members of the judicial branch, including their members of the supreme court, a once honorable institution that interpret our nation's laws
the founders of our country did not intend to allow money and profit to corrupt our elections,
the health and safety of our nation, children and families,
water, food, land, air, rivers, lakes, oceans
 We the People of the United States, in Order to 
form a more perfect Union, establish Justice 
For all who came before us.