to never stop caring trying to help my country,
for our country and people
, 2019 - mobile update; logic and understanding
united states of america
thank you all the caring musicians and artists, caring families and young people helping our communities; human kindness and love can help to see it through; humanity, empathy, morality, healthcare, healthy communities, understanding, education, healthy food, stewardship, soil, precious farmland, sustainability, to care for what is true, wisdom, care of climate, sustainability, science, to care for the environment, the advancement of safe clean energy, to build the economy, care for the future, courage, help for our country's young people, families and communities to be free of gun violence, for safety, to care and make a difference, to care about true leadership, to care for what is true, for the people
a true leader brings all people together,
a true leader is a also good example for the world
the great families of honor and justice,
will be remembered,
 the leaders, representatives, senators, judges, that served our country with integrity and honor,
for justice, the constitution has guided and protected the united states for over two hundred years,
our nation's patriots, prosecutors, investigators, states attorney generals, constitutional lawyers, the presidential candidates united to help our country
there is not two sides,
there is only one side, the truth
those that honor and respect the guiding principle of the constitution, justice
in our nation's newspapers, on radio, on tv and now in social media,
honor true legacy's, who stand up for great american ideas, who fought to protect generations, education, health, healthcare, social security, medicare, to protect generations, clean air, land, soil, food, lakes, rivers, aquifers, safe drinking water, to protect our country and the world, care of the climate, environment social and economic, safe communities,
civil and voting rights
representatives, senators, leaders
loyal to the united states
stand together with the people,
the u.s. constitution and protect it
prepare for the historic mobilization the uniting of millions of americans, young and old, the good people and families of the united states,
east west central north and south,
 the american people, including the good people of texas and the southern states, that stand together with true leaders,
for our nation's young people's future,
honor true legacy's,
all the great americans, leaders, senators, representatives, humanitarians, veterans and citizens, all the great americans that stood up to serve our country with integrity and honor, policies and legislation that made a difference for all, the health, security and well being of our nation, including the true american patriots, representatives that hold accountable the harmful policies of an illegitimate destructive president, vice president and administration.
thank you all the caring people and families standing with our nation's young people to help our country, the caring american people, young and old,
the millions of americans standing up to the illegitimate destructive trump pence administration.
for their country, their future, their health, their families, their children, fathers, mothers, grandparents
all through history, senators, representatives, our nation's patriots, veterans, the people of the united states, will stand together
honor what america stands for,
 not dishonesty, tax cut scams and their shutdowns, wealth inequality, economic recessions, trade wars, cruelty, family separations, racist policies
Stand United and Together America
to help the united states, voting rights, civil rights, health, climate, our nation's environment, our nation's patriot's, our constitution, rule of law, checks and balances defending our country. all that are loyal to the united states, young and old, helping our country and communities,
together good people stand with you,
For The People, the United States
normal americans, politicians, leaders govern,
promote stability for our country, in good faith they represent, stand with and together and for the people,
elected leaders and in the u.s. senate together with the u.s. house of representatives, true elected presidents and vice presidents do not harm, they uphold their oath to the the united states constitution.
and our nation's federal workers, the american people, constitutional scholars, humanitarians, and our nation's veterans, members of our military, agencies who are trained to monitor, warn and protect our country, ecosystems, the environment, clean water systems, lakes, rivers, oceans,
true leaders stand with the principles of democracy, they promote stability for our country and people, they help to improve, they do not harm,
as our nation's u.s. house of representatives, the people's house, holds hearings and oversight investigations, for the people, keep informing and uniting for change, stand with the truth, change will not be immediate, stay united and focused, 2020,
the truth and positive change will overcome the illegitimate corrupt trump pence administration, the true approval is below 20%, the majority of the american people do not support this destructive illegitimate administration or it's policies,
prepare for the historic mobilization of millions of americans, young and old, the good people and families of the united states,
east west central north and south,
the united states of america was already a great country, and a great country and it's people deserve an honest president and vice president,
 our nation's patriots thank you, holding the illegitimate trump pence administration accountable,
the american people now understand,
they are neither loyal to the united states, the u.s. constitution or the bill of rights
 thank you all the caring people standing together with the young people to help our country, and the real news reporters and journalists, u.s representatives, senators and prosecutors, holding accountable this illegitimate administration and their harmful policies
true leaders act in good faith to promote stability for our country, and care about the health of all people, they help to improve, not harm or take away families and children's healthcare, just as true leaders advocate for better health for all, they protect healthcare, medicare, medicaid and social security,
true leaders always stand with the young people and families to help prevent gun violence, and stand together with common sense for safe communities,
true leaders promote innovation, great american ideas, including the advancement of safe renewable energy, to help improve, not harm the climate, they protect the environment to help prevent harm to ecosystems, lives, species, health and food,
true leaders always respect human rights and help people suffering, fleeing danger or violence
true leaders promote solutions and lead by example to help to prevent environmental devastation, conflict and nuclear danger in our country and the world
  true leaders stand with the principles of democracy, they promote stability for our country and people, they help to improve, they do not harm,
a true political party, respects
civil rights and voting rights,
law and civics

the only way to stand up to very bad and powerful, foreign or domestic, damaging our government, interfering in our elections with dishonest money, bribery and voter suppression,
- is to keep focused and informing millions of people nationwide, in every state, including the growing number of  people, abandoning this president and vice president,
previous supporters of this administration understand, their country, their health, their families, children, fathers, mothers, grandparents, their well being are also being harmed,
watch carefully this illegitimate president, vice president and cabinet, every aspect of collusion, foreign and domestic, and their harmful policies, climate, health, economic, environmental.
a true national political party is supposed to be a force for good, for all, not just for a small group of wealthy political donors, also watch carefully all their aligned corrupt groups, governors, secretary of states and county election officials.